mental health

Workplace cultures are consistently going through reforms to build hospitable environments in which staff not only excel professionally, but also work within harmonised conditions that place their mental stability in the spotlight.

Studies have shown how establishments that recognise the importance of mental well-being and place it at the centre of their endeavours benefit from a healthier and prosperous work culture.

Since 2016, Thomas Smith has been striving to provide its employees with the right tools that enable true mental health support, thanks to its Staff Support Programme in collaboration with Malta’s most renowned psychological-assistance institution – Richmond Foundation.

Through the availability of qualified psychologists, staff at Thomas Smith have the possibility to make use of voluntary counselling and therapy service for professional therapeutic assistance.

Given the topic of mental health has been considered a taboo topic for years on end, Thomas Smith wants to create a culture of acceptance and understanding by giving employees the right tools to make the topic a tangible reality that every individual requires assistance with at some point or another in their life.

All employees can benefit from an annual membership of 12 sittings in total, fully paid by the company. This service aims at eliminating the negative stigma that is associated with the topic.

Sessions are held with the full promise of confidentiality and set before or after working hours to enable staff in setting meetings directly with the professional psychologist without the need to alert other members of staff.

Richmond Foundation has created initiatives that assist with various mental and psychological issues arising from stress, panic attacks, anxiety, grief, health concerns, relationships, family issues and many more.

The fundamentals of a healthy work environment rest on the pillars of the Foundation itself. The institution was established back in the 1993, when its founding father Anthony Guillaumier, a businessman himself, noticed how some of his employees did not have the right resources or personnel to aid them with their mental health struggles. Guillaumier reached out to the Richmond Fellowship based in the UK following one of his travels, which marked the very start of Richmond Foundation in Malta.

With the assistance of multiple professionals, volunteers and sponsors, Richmond Foundation welcomes hundreds of individuals and their families every year to find the right therapeutic treatment.