The story behind the success of Thomas Smith Group as we know it today, started as the brain child of William Jennison Smith well over 170 years ago. A family business with an exceptional grasp on market changes and industry realities, the company has evolved and adapted as times required, staying focused on its brand values of integrity, reliability and exceptional customer service; not a simple feat to achieve with the demands of the choppy and uncertain waters of the modern business world.

Originally founded in the Shipping industry, Thomas Smith Group also moved into the provision of Insurance services once it identified the potential of a dedicated area of business in this field. Successfully becoming a strategic local player in both markets, the Group has kept true to its main vision over the years, to provide impeccable service to clients, working with them to build relationships based on trust and delivering success. A portfolio of key local and international clients in both industries can attest to this trust factor, possibly one of the crucial features to any business relationship.

The shipping division of the company, one of the largest in the Maltese Islands, specialises in all areas of Cargo movement including the management of countless international Out of Gauge and Logistics projects, Air Freight Movements, Full Load Container Services and Transhipments across international waters and land. The staff within the shipping division offer key insight and recommendations to clients on the best method and route for cargo to be transported. Such guidance has proved invaluable when clients need to be advised of the most practical methods to get each job done, both on time and more crucially, to budget. This insight is gained from the knowledge passed down internally within the Group, the new systems and processes which have been integrated into the company’s work flow and through the wide spectrum of services that Thomas Smith has been offering for well over a century.

As well as basic Shipping services, Thomas Smith has also moved into the fast growing area of Port Agency services, catering for the Leisure, Business, Naval and Oil and Gas industries. Working on small and large scale projects in Tunisia, Malta, Libya and Algeria, Thomas Smith plays a key role in keeping these industries and clients fully provided for, whether at shore, within local waters or beyond.

Perhaps one of the greatest testaments to the Shipping division’s success was the appointment as the local representatives for Maersk Line in Malta, a destination which has now become a central Mediterranean hub, for the biggest shipping line in the world.


From the provision of navigational charts, to providing a specialist service to the demanding film and entertainment industries, the Thomas Smith Shipping division is set to continue its growth pattern for many more years to come. Putting clients at the forefront of its business, investing in the latest technologies to keep the firm energised in its vision for the future and above all, sharing the experience and expertise amongst all staff; by sea, land or air, the company is triumphantly moving ahead into another century and beyond.

As times have progressed, Thomas Smith soon realised that with the potential hazards of transport in general, clients needed stronger assurance that cargo could be moved safely and securely. In order to give clients a more 360 degree approach for the movement of their goods, the Group soon moved into providing insurance services as well.

This Insurance arm of the company has also seen growth, with the Insurance Agency division representing key international and local principals over the years. The Agency provides cover for businesses, cargo clients, personal or commercial motor vehicles and fleets, homes and belongings, individual or company health insurance, yacht and pleasure crafts, as well as the insurance for the travel world. Its forte has always been in finding the new opportunities in insurance provision that make sense to its clients both practically and financially. So from a unique offering of insurance for classic cars, to identifying the best packages and offers for their clients this division of Thomas Smith has also well protected its clients from the uncertainties that can and do quite often crop up in life.

Over recent years, a separate insurance venture was formed, one that could truly place each client in a position of choice and therefore offer empowerment over their insurance. The Insurance Brokers division has been running successfully for many years now, servicing individuals and businesses alike, always scouting to ensure clients have both the best deal financially and that would make most sense against their original requirements.

By representing the client throughout the lifecycle of a policy, including chasing claims and relevant payments, the Thomas Smith Insurance Brokers’ arm is exceptionally representative of who Thomas Smith are and have always been; a company that can honestly say clients come first, every stage of the voyage.

Success has always been based on whether each and every single project, a simple car insurance policy to the transportation of heavy load equipment across multiple territories for the Oil and Gas industry, has been accomplished, not only to the Groups’ internal high standards, but more importantly to the clients.

There is no greater proof or judgement of the Group’s achievements than the clients who continue to return to Thomas Smith for its integrity, insight, expertise and experience, all gained from such a long standing position in the Shipping and Insurance worlds.