Each part of our business operates in a highly competitive market place.

We constantly aspire to be amongst the top players in any area of our activity.

We believe that excellence in the quality of our service will enable us to achieve the above and enable us to grow by attracting and retaining customers who apply and expect stringent quality standards from their suppliers and service providers.

We aim to employ people who have a winning mentality and who know the pleasure of winning and are addicted to success.

We are committed to establishing and maintaining a Quality Management System based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, as well as other shipping industry requisites including AEO and EU GDP Guidelines.  We are also committed to adhering to any specific requirements our customers may request, ensuring that Thomas Smith retains the status of preferred supplier in the eyes of the customer.

Thomas Smith has set Business and Quality Objectives for achievement within each of its functional areas of its Shipping Division.  Performance against these is regularly monitored by senior management. We also seek regular customer feedback both to monitor and measure customer satisfaction and to determine the standards which they perceive to be ‘Top Quality Service’.

We aim for continual improvement in the quality and content of the services which Thomas Smith provides and in the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Employees at all levels are directly involved in establishing and maintaining this Quality Management System and achieving our business and quality objectives.

This Quality Policy is communicated to everyone and is reviewed by senior management annually to ensure that it is continually suitable to the organisation’s needs.

Senior Management is totally committed to this Quality Policy and assures the provision and availability of resources for effective product and service realisation.


Denis Galea

Managing Director


Updated: 24th July 2023