HR Vision

The success of a company is determined by the accomplishments of an entire team. Get ready to join a team of professionals who feel more like family rather than colleagues!

Thomas Smith is an industry leader; striving for success from every facet of business and enthusiastic to make both its customers and its team feel fulfilled. We’re honoured to see many employees form part of the Thomas Smith team spanning many years.

All employees are guided to personal and professional growth through skill coaching and performance management systems that drive each one of our members to a successful career path.

Focus on physical and mental health is provided through our physical and mental health first aiders and a Staff Support Programme in collaboration with Richmond Foundation.

We’re not just all work and no play though! Dress Down days spruce up the atmosphere, social events and staff workshops brighten up the days, Canteen Catch-Ups ensure we find time to chat amongst us and personal achievements are celebrated in style.

Are you ready to call yourself one of us?