thomas smith solidarity fund


The start of a new year wouldn’t be the same at Thomas Smith without the acclaimed Solidarity Fund. Now marking its 17th anniversary, our colleagues and staff anonymously propose their preferred local charities and/or individuals in need. Once all suggestions are collected, a list of top three based on a voting poll are chosen to benefit from a small donation through our Solidarity Fund.

Thomas Smith employees have been at the forefront of donating monetary funds so that every end of year marks a truly fantastic occasion for those in need. With an additional financial contribution from the Thomas Smith management, this year’s astonishing total amount of €4,500 was distributed between the top three beneficiaries selected – Puttinu Cares, Emma and Children’s Dreams.


This charitable institution needs no further introduction, thanks to years of service they have offered Maltese individuals and their families during times of need when battling cancer. Puttinu Cares’ medical and psychological assistance extends farther from our shores, as they continuously add to their accommodation services in the UK, offered freely to patients undertaking cancer treatment abroad and their families.

From the total donations within this year’s Solidarity Fund, a sum of €2,000 was presented to Puttinu Cares’ President, Angele Cuschieri and CEO, Rennie Zerafa as a cheque by our own Marie Louise Sheridan and Luciano Galea.

solidarity fund puttinu cares

€1,500 TO EMMA

Emma has experienced difficulty in walking due to a rare condition in her leg. She is currently making use of special equipment to help her in her daily life; however, she will be undergoing an expensive operation in the UK soon. Additional intensive therapy will be provided to Emma at the Oxford Nuffield hospital after the intervention to help with rehabilitation.

Our employees, Daniel Law and Emanuel Azzopardi, happily presented Emma and her parents with a cheque of €1,500, that will contribute towards Emma’s journey to better mobility.

solidarity fund emma


Launched in Malta in 2013, Children’s Dreams in collaboration with Foundation for Social Welfare Services, have given life to this project that focuses on making many little ones’ Christmas dreams come true. Every year, the FSWS catalogues an extensive list of wishes from children coming from families with social needs or ones being raised in Children’s Homes.

Individuals and businesses are encouraged to contribute to these requests to make the festive season a little bit brighter for these little ones and help their families stray away from financial difficulties. 

Our employees Deandra Saliba and Andre Cassar presented a donation of €1,000 as One4All gift vouchers to the charity’s representatives – Marcon Benatiya and Carmen Sammut. These vouchers were handed out in time to organise gifts for children, which were presented on Christmas Day.

solidarity fund children's dreams

All staff will keep on doing their best to collect funds to help out those in need, thanks to initiatives such as the Dress Down Fridays. The gift of giving brings so much joy, not just to the receivers who so need financial aid, but to us all at Thomas Smith.