solidarity fund 2021

The year 2020 will be memoralised in history as the era when humanity was forced to face an unprecedented pandemic that shocked the world and thwarted normality to new extremes. More than ever before, support through providence has kept individuals and groups going forward.

For the 15th consecutive year, Thomas Smith management and employees have sustained the company’s Solidarity Fund – an initiative that sees the Group’s staff dedicating a donation from their monthly salaries to sustain a trust to be split between beneficiary individuals or organisations at the start of every year, as chosen by the staff themselves.

During 2020, Thomas Smith employees voted for their favoured charities and were asked to suggest people in need, to whom the Solidarity Fund would give much-needed support. Out of numerous propositions, the majority of the votes were awarded to three local groups – the Food Bank Lifeline, Puttinu Cares and the Luqa community, in which the Group’s offices reside.

€2,000 were donated to the Food Bank Lifeline; a voluntary organisation founded in 2015, who offers assistance during times of a crisis in the form of food. The Food Bank Lifeline ensures no child or adult, regardless of that person’s nationality, race, gender, age or background, is deprived from the basic need of survival. Their work reached a critical point during 2020, as many people found themselves with reduced incomes following the pandemic repercussions. 

It is not the first time Puttinu Cares has benefitted from the Thomas Smith Solidary Fund, and this is no surprise. This organisation offers incredible emotional and financial assistance to cancer patients and their families. A donation of €1,500 was forwarded to Puttinu Cares to sustain the charity’s vital backing when sufferers and their relatives require it the most.

Charity begins at home, and the Thomas Smith employees wished to pay their respects and give back to the community which houses them during their working hours. The Luqa community will benefit from €1,000 dedicated from 2020’s Solidarity Fund to sustain local families in need.

During the past 15 years, almost €40,000 were donated to various local charities through Thomas Smith’s Solidary Fund, as well as individuals and staff members who faced trying times along the years.

Even the smallest support helps and the company aims to keep being a helping hand to charitable institutions for years to come.