Blood Donation Drive by Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith Group, with the help of the National Blood Transfusion Service, held a Blood Donation drive on Wednesday 14th March, as part of the company’s 170th anniversary and corporate social responsibility program. Managing Director, Mr. Joe Gerada, felt such a noble cause was fitting to mark this milestone in the company’s development.

“Donating blood may save lives and we thank all those who turned up to donate blood”, added Mr. Gerada.  “We are very proud of the excellent turnout by employees – some of whom were first-time donors. All employees who participate in such initiatives should be praised and encouraged.”

“Donating blood is a truly noble gesture that can help save lives”, he added. The National Blood Transfusion Service often calls for urgent donations as the volume of stored blood is often insufficient for emergencies or daily procedures. It is therefore crucial to continuously create awareness about blood donation.

Employees from Thomas Smith Group commented that they are pleased to participate in such initiatives because it is their way of contributing for the benefit of society.

The public is encourage to help the National Blood Transfusion Service. For further info on how one can donate blood, one may get in touch via their Facebook page.