Thomas Smith Contact Details


Our telephone lines are back! But you may still communicate with us on the below details.


We are currently experiencing problems with our telephone lines. Should you need to contact us, you may email us or call us on the below contact details, or you may message us on the Insurance Agency Facebook or Shipping Facebook Page.

Insurance Agency Claims – 9966 7709 or [email protected]

Insurance Agency Underwriting – 9966 7708 or [email protected]


Insurance Brokers: 9934 4488 / 7901 5959 or [email protected]



Container Documentation: 9992 1197 or [email protected]

Airfreight: 9933 0002 or [email protected]

Courier: 9945 3647 or [email protected]

Aerospace: 9943 1363 or [email protected]

Special Projects: 7956 6566 or [email protected]

Port Agency: 99492599 or [email protected]


We apologise for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.