Thomas Smith December Christmas Charity Swim
The annual Thomas Smith Charity Swim has come and gone for another year after bringing smiles and laughter to the gathered courageous swimmers.

The 19th edition of the yearly event saw 206 people jumping into the cold seas as temperatures around the island hovered around 12 degrees. But the temperature didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the assembled charity swimmers, with scores of people jumping into the sea wearing nothing but swimming trunks or bikinis – and maybe a red stocking cap.

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The pier near Independence Garden in Sliema on Sunday was full of ready-to-go swimmers by 10:30am, whereupon 154 male swimmers and 52 females began to jump into the sea.

But it wasn’t just the swim that attendees were looking forward to, but also to linger around afterwards near the Maltese sea mid-December just to socialise. Another awesome thing was the number of kids who took part this year, especially in comparison to previous years.

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And some of the kids started really young – there was the brave Eva Testa Bickle who is just 3-years-old, and whose sister was actually the youngest swimmer in 2014. Then there was Benjamin Alamango who was just 6-years-old.

And it wasn’t only the kids stepping into the freezing waters. There was the charity swim regular Wilfred Pirotta who is 81 years – and has been taking part for years – as well as Marlene Attard who is 74 years.

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And of course, there were also a good number of people wearing Santa costumes.

The Charity Swim collected €8,000 for the Malta Community Chest Fund, with €5,700 donated by the public and the rest donated by Thomas Smith themselves. The funds will be presented to the President this Thursday.

Everyone who participated was personally given a medal by President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.

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Source: LovinMalta