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As part of Thomas Smith Group’s continuous drive to support the community, the company shall contribute towards a new phase of restorative works at Our Lady of Victories Valletta Church being coordinated by Din L-Art Helwa.

The Our Lady of Victories is Valletta’s first building and oldest church. Built in 1566, it commemorates the lifting of the Great Siege on the eve of 8th September 1565. It is also dedicated to the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, celebrated on the same date. The 8th September is an important date in the calendar of this Church. In 2011 the Church was entrusted to Din l-Art Helwa for its guardianship on this same date.

The Church suffered a lot of deterioration, both to its structure and to the paintings. Conservation works are on-going at Our lady of Victory Church. Din l-Art Helwa estimate to start this part of the project in June 2017, focusing on the external structure including the façade and belfry.

“Every donation helps us save a piece of this national treasure. It is extremely encouraging to see that Thomas Smith Group believes in our cause.  On behalf of Din l-Art Helwa we thank Thomas Smith wholeheartedly,” said Simone Mizzi, Vice President.

“We are proud to be part of the restoration project. We recognise the importance of the significant work carried out by Din l-Art Helwa. In appreciation for their work towards Malta’s heritage, we hope to build awareness of the Church’s restoration.”, says Managing Director Joe Gerada.

Din l-Art Helwa, is a Maltese non-governmental, non-profit, and voluntary organisation. It was founded in 1965 by Judge Maurice Caruana Curran to safeguard the historic, artistic and natural heritage of Malta. Since its foundation, Din l-Art Helwa has restored and managed numerous cultural sites of historic and environmental importance.  Din l-Art Helwa lobbies for the protection of our built and natural environment.

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Left to Right: Joe Gerada, Managing Director Thomas Smith Group; Liana Cachia, Group Marketing and HR Manager; Corinne Gerada, Director; and Simone Mizzi, Vice President Din l-Art Helwa.