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Thomas Smith Group, is once again proud to support The Grid – Malta’s very own obstacle course race.

The event will be held on Saturday 2nd June. Thomas Smith Group has supported all three The Grid events since its inception in 2016, as well as a shorter addition to the series of events, The Grid Sprint, held last October. 10 Maersk Line containers will once again be a highlight at the upcoming event, featuring as giant obstacles. The 14km course will include other various obstacles that participants would need to tackle, such as rope climbs, sand crawls, mud pits, monkey bars as well as the famous plunge into the sea.

The event intrigues enthusiasts from all over the world who, each year, make their way to the Islands to compete, together with excited locals. The upcoming event reached a whopping participation level of 1,200 entries. The majority of contestants are naturally Maltese. However participation has enticed a large number of foreign nationals from UK, Italy, and Sweden, as well as from USA, Argentina and even Brazil.

The ultimate goal is not to make it first to the finish line, but to get there at your own time. Veteran participants claim that the race is about beating one’s own personal record and the obstacles faced along the way are a real treat to adventurists.

“With a carefully selected course that highlights Malta’s astonishing landscape views, excellent event organisation and the promise of challenging fun, The Grid is a Maltese event like no other. We are thrilled with the interest The Grid OCR has registered and its evolution since its inception 2 years ago” ” said Mr. Gerada, Managing Director at Thomas Smith. Thomas Smith Group, in line with its Corporate Social Responsibility program to promote healthy living habits, will continue to support such initiatives, that could especially draw an international spotlight onto Malta. “The event is great fun, and instils elements of personal development and team building – besides the obvious adrenaline rush!”

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