mental health awareness

As part of 2020’s Mental Health Awareness Week celebrated in May, Thomas Smith Group employees donated €1,000 to Richmond Foundation, one of Malta’s renowned charitable organisations behind mental wellbeing and support.

The contribution was handed out from the company’s Solidarity Fund; a monetary repository supported by several donations raised by the company’s own employees throughout the year to assist organisations and individuals facing times of need.

Established in 1990, Mental Health Awareness Week recognises the attempts and accomplishments to educate the public about mental illness and break the stigma that surrounds it.

This year’s awareness theme of “Kindness” was the antidote to counteract the severe challenges many individuals faced as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. During such trying times, Richmond Foundation’s expert assistance was indispensable to many.

Staff at Thomas Smith Group recognised the integral initiatives being offered by Richmond Foundation during this pandemic. With 24/7 support operations and responding to 500 calls per week, Thomas Smith’s €1,000 donation will keep the Foundation’s efforts sustained by way of a pay-it-forward operation. The Gift of Therapy ensures those who cannot afford to settle treatment costs can still benefit from this live-saving aid.

Thomas Smith Group is proud to have been at the forefront of promoting mental health awareness and giving its employees free and direct access to professional assistance, in collaboration with Richmond Foundation, for a number of years.

This donation will assist the foundation’s support services to individuals who require professional mental wellbeing guidance.