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Choosing a reliable freight and logistics provider makes a considerable difference to the client in terms of costs, reliability, time frames, quality, etc. Thomas Smith Group Managing Director Mr Joe Gerada, together with other local leading operators, identified some of the key factors when making a choice:

How important is it for a company in the logistics industry to offer a holistic service that covers all type of cargo – be it sea, land or air?

A logistics provider needs to be able to present a full solution to his customer, therefore it follows that it is very important to be able to provide all modes of transport in addition to warehousing and all that goes with it.

While this may not mean that the logistics supplier does this via services which he himself operates, he needs to be able to take responsibility, and ensure a high level of quality for all he provides. That clearly means that it is not simply a matter of “trading in shipping services”, i.e. purchasing and selling whatever is available – as many do. A serious supplier needs to be in full control of what he is providing, and have a proper system of governance of his own subcontractors and suppliers, so that he can deliver to a standard his client associates him with, and expects of him.

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